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African Nations Scholarships to study in USA Canada & Australia (BSc, MSc & PhD)-2018

The African Nations  Scholarships awards over 100,000 scholarships for bachelor degree, masters, and postgraduate study and professional development to citizens of developing African countries each year. The International scholarship awarded by the United Nations provides monthly financial assistance to qualified candidates and also give them the ability to study and work in any country of their choice all through the period of programme. The scholarship is available to South Africa, East Africa, and West Africa countries only.

Scholarship covers:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Cost of books (Book allowance)
  • Project and equipment expenses
  • Student monthly allowance ($1,500)
Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Undergraduate program, Master program and PhD program.
Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded to study any of the courses offered by the university.
Eligibility: The recipients of this award will have achieved very high levels of academic excellence combined with an outstanding record of leadership and service(not compulsory). Students with a high school average above 50% are encouraged to apply.
  • Statement of purpose, this should convey your interest,academic qualification and your goals.
  • Original college transcripts or high school diploma.
  • Original copies of birth certificates.
  • Two passport photograph.
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Full-tuition scholarships fee.
  • Monthly allowance.
  • Academic development funding – from $500 to $2,000, dependent on the length of your course, to attend conferences and courses.
  • Family allowance – up to $10,120 for a first child and up to $4,320 for a second child (2016-17 rate). No funding is provided for a partner.
  • Fieldwork – you may apply to keep up to your normal maintenance allowance while on fieldwork as part of your Ph.D. (the Trust does not fund other field work costs as these should be funded by the University Composition Fee).
  • Hardship funding – for unforeseen difficulties
  • Maternity/Paternity funding – should you require it, you may apply to intermit your studies for up to 6 months and continue to receive your maintenance allowance during this time
  • Some fourth year funding for Ph.D. Scholars may be provided

Nationality: Citizens of all African nations are eligible to apply.

How to apply:
  • Start your online application here on this platform.
  • Fill all the space provided on the application form.
  • Submit the application online using the Scholarships link Below
  • All application is online on this platform and kindly select carefully your program of study and upload all the necessary documents required for your program.
  • All communication goes through the mail you have provided on your online application form.
  • Deadline July-30th 2018.

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  1. Mohammed A. Sonie

    I am Interested in the scholarship
    My Name is Mohammed A.Sonie

  2. Mohammed A. Sonie

    I am Interested in the scholarship

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for the opportunity to help transform Africans

    I would like to be part of the movement but I can’t find the link.

    Can you please help me get the link.

    Thank you.

    Kaunda Elisa

  4. Kezelee T. Karcee

    My name is Kezelee T. Karcee, I m a Liberian and I obtained a BSc in civil engineering. I m applying for this scholarship to enable me obtain higher degrees, when I’m successful I will contribute in rebuilding my country, Africa and the world at large.

  5. Tlhalefo Kesetse


    I am interested in the scholarship.
    Where can i access the link ?

  6. Anosike Mercy S

    I am Mercy by name, I’m interested in the World Bank scholarship, I can’t see the link to apply, I will appreciate if the link can be displayed so that we can apply. thanks and remain blessed

  7. Christine Stepney Saykay

    Hello, I have interest and like to know the link to happy.

  8. Victor kamkamba

    My name is victor c. kamkamba , i obtained a diploma in ICT i want to advance my knowledge and i want to be influntial development of my country through the field of technology by obtaining higher levels of degree. I am interested and i want to know the link.

  9. I am yonas Teshome and studied in statistics Haramaya university and I have five years experience by multiple positions such as ouditor database and currently working on insurance company l want to learn MSC of your Secholaship thanks


  11. Can someone kindly give us a guide in how to do this registration online, may you did it or know someone who went successful with.
    This will aid our stress here pls.
    Yours truly, http://www.gidcells.wordpress.com
    You can like, comment and follow so we share our thoughts.

  12. My name is Bassey Etto from Nigeria. Thanks World Bank for this opportunity. I am interested.

  13. Am interest in your scholarship….

  14. Samuel Abijuru

    Hello, am by names of Samuel Abijuru from Rwanda,am very tremendous and proud for such initiative to empower Africans in the journey to build Africa that we hope to have and am very fascinated in the schoralship.Thanks

  15. gintelman World bank Empowerm .

    thanks for this chance .
    and i whait for link to apple .

  16. Kedjela Midjena

    I would like to apply for this scholarship I am from Ethiopia I erarn MBA in Business Administration if I get this chance I will serve my Countey with my newly acquired knowledge on Businesses areas

  17. Greatest you are,i’m yaou maman Bachir from niger republic and i’m very interested by this offre,please guide US how to apply for this scholarship.

    Thann you

  18. I am Nathan Desoe from Liberia, I am interested in the opportunities advertised by the World’s Bank to empower African to contributes to the growth and development of their countries. Please sent me the link to apply. Thanks!

  19. Bonjour je suis un jeune Togolais répondant au nom de BODJONA Kinawu- Bahounouwé âgé de 34 ans diplômé de la faculté des sciences économique et de gestion option marketing management des organisations je suis intéressé par cette qui m’aidera pour revenir construire le continent africain plus precisément mon chers pays le togo

  20. My name is NGENGE Desmond yengo from Cameroon am interested in this opportunity offered by the world bank. Am a holder of first degree in management from the university of dschang cameroon

  21. Benjamin Abijuru

    Hey I am Benjamin Abijuru and I am interested in applying for the scholarship but the question is “where can I get the link from”? Thanks


    Hello ,I my name is KENA CHAKA TUFA I have Interested to get opportunities .Thank world bank to Advertised.I from Ethiopia Bsc.Midwife

  23. My name eunicekangajuam instrestedin the scholarship


    Am interested. send me the application form.

  25. I’m interested in this opportunity. I’m a LiberianLiberianLiberianLiberian, resident in Lieria, Africa. I’m a high school graduate and I need this scholarship inorderinorder to help other Africans to achieve their goals.

  26. Thanks world Bank for the opportunite
    I am from Tanzania and I am interested
    Thank you

  27. Pls for the link of the application form

  28. Muyinda Stephen

    Am Muyinda Stephen from 🇺🇬 uganda please i would like to take on the opportunity by the world Bank please i request for a link to apply, thanks

  29. I am kassa I was born in Ethiopia I have BA by management now I am employee s at NIB international bank. If I would get this chance I am interested to enjoy


    My name is NOEL GERVAS MOSHA from Tanzania, I hold Diploma in Business Administration ( Marketing Management) with a highest GPA of 4.2 and awarded best student in academic. I am so obsessed and seek of scholarship for further studies”Degree “. I need to improve my Carrier in Marketing programmes abroad and ensure good relation between abroad and Tanzania through sharing different cultures with other students.

  31. I Am interested in the scholarship please send me the or the application form

  32. l am interesting how can l apply
    please help
    my name:Musa M.Fofana

  33. Hello Dear,
    I am Habtamu. But I couldn’t find the link/form to apply. Could you help me how to find the form please.

  34. I am interested in this scholarship I pray to be one of those nominee, because I believe that with your help I can make my country a better place.

  35. Hello, my name is Fauziya. I can’t find the link to apply can you please help me thank you

  36. Hi, my name is fauziya. I can’t find the link to apply can you please help to, thank you

  37. My name is Amente Daniel. I am Ethiopian. I’m intested to this great opportunity you had provided. May God bless you as you evaluate my application. Thank you.

  38. My name is Diress from Ethiopia, I would like to apply for phD scholarship as per the World Bank sponsorship announcement. My background is Economics and I have a great ambition to play excellent role for development of my Country, Ethiopia.

    Thank you in advance for your selection!

    Diress Zeleke

  39. My name is Adisu Bedada jima from Ethiopia I would like to apply for master programs as per the world Bank sponsorship announced .I have BA degree in Accounting and finance.

  40. My name is Delfim Rocha and I am totally interested and would like to apply for my Masters Degree In ICT


    J am Gilbert Nkundimaana,a Ugandan, Economic status left me useless j see less dreams coming,
    J wish j get a chance to apply for a medical course,,

  42. Otinga Phaustine

    Hello, i am interested in the scholarship but i can’t find the link to apply. Kindly help me out. Thanks

  43. MASENGESHO Festus

    Please tell us how to apply for this scholarship and provide us a link we can apply through. Thanks

  44. Alemayehu Muluken

    My name is Alemayehu Muluken from Ethiopia and have Bsc degree and now works in a company names ECX that exports Arebica Coffee to USA and EU countries. Iwant too apply to your organizations please contact with +251918511944 or email with alexo.muluken21@gmail.com

  45. Hello I am interested in the opportunity

  46. Roger Nji Anye

    I am very interested please get me enrolled.

  47. Hi I am Penn Zion studying engineering. I am a Cameroonian and wish to further my education to have a degree..

  48. Hello, i am Fadhila Ahmad from Tanzania, very interested but cant find the link, Can someone help please?

  49. That was good opportunity for Africans student..i am from Ethiopia. and i am interested if you give me the chance to learn there…please tell me how can i apply.

  50. I am very interested to apply for the schollership and will be please to get it am in tanzania.

  51. Elhadj Tudiane Diallo

    Bonsoir, moi c’est El hadj Tidiane Diallo suis Guinéen je souhaite amélioré mais études je compte beaucoup sur l’aide de la banque mondiale et je veux savoir comment postuler merci

  52. Abrham kassahun

    Hello I am Abrham Kassahun from Ethiopia I am first year computer engineering student and I’m very tremendous and proud for such initiative to empower Africans in the journey to build Africa that we hope to have and am very fascinated in the schoralship.Thanks

  53. Hello i am Elias yimam from Ethiopia. I wanna get your scholar to study in your university . Please give me the chance and make my acadamic capacity greate.
    Thank you

  54. Tsegaye Tadesse

    Hello Thanks for this wonderful chance
    I have Bachelor degree in Nursing with eight years experience .
    Please help me

  55. Pls provide z links together!!!

  56. Hello I’m hasnaa. Where is the link to apply?

  57. Samuel B. Kuetay Jr

    I’m a Liberian and interested in this opportunity.
    kindly help me with the link to apply.

  58. I’m a Liberian and Junior student at the African Methodist Episcopal University reading PublicAdministration major with emphasis in Management, I have a great interest in this opportunity and my contact is :0886892111

  59. I’m Tounynoh Peal from Liberia I’m interesting on this scholarship how can I get the form

  60. I’m Agbor Andrew from Cameron with a Bsc in mathematics and wish to enroll for the MSC scholarship buti can’t find the link to apply so wish if someone can be of help and I will be very grateful

  61. I’m a Cameroonian with a Bsc in mathematics and wish to enroll in the MSC scholarship program but the link I can’t find so wish someone please help me facilitate the registration. Thanks

  62. Richard Maiyo Kipkosgei

    I posses a Certificate and a Diploma in Project planning and management from University of Nairobi In Kenya and will be happy to get a scholarship to study a Bachelors degree in related Field please am looking forward for the most kind consideration.

  63. Mariama Williams

    I’m interested

  64. Nakaweesa Rebecca

    Am Nakaweesa Rebecca from Uganda and am interesting in a scholarship for industrial art and design since it my talent I really want to be supported am lucking funds

  65. Makalimo Makhoa

    I’m from Lesotho and i’m interested

  66. Am interested in the program please respond quickly to me please.

  67. Milkisa Geleti Merga

    I want to success I am very happy! Very interest

  68. Hello I am interested to pursue my masters degree and I am asking for a link. My email is pulanemajoro2007@yahoo.com

  69. Daniel gezhaegn badeg

    Am interested

  70. Daniel gezhaegn badeg

    Am interested.

  71. just completed my BSc in Environmental Health from the University of Botswana and would like to pursue a masters in occupational health and safety or a related field.i am a botswana citizen

  72. Its very grateful to see this golden opportunity to study abroad. I have Bsc degree by Electrical and Computer Engineering therefore I will be happy to be sponsored by this beauty ful organization

  73. I have bsc degree by information technology in Ethiopian if I given the chance to MSC degree then plase help me my phone number +251925869208
    Please help the application form

  74. Am interested to do my bachelor’s degree in science or engineering fields.

  75. iam completed public health officer degree in ethiopia just I want to apply master plz consider my request

  76. My name is tamiru bejiga i studied at jimma university about pharmaceutical science

  77. Elvis Mbaosick Titanji

    Am interested and i wish not to miss this opportunity,thanks.

  78. Link please i am interested

  79. I’m so interested
    My name is Joyce Darpo

  80. I’m so interested in this scholarship, I live in Liberia.
    My name is Joyce Darpo

  81. My name farhia osman I from Ethopia I’m very interested scholarship to get this scholarship I don’t have money to go to university or high please help me I’m poor

  82. Thanks Donors!! For such scholarship we hope it impact Africa n the world at large. Am 100% interested.
    +231775349558 is my#.

  83. Heloo. Am a Kenyan and am intrested in the scholarship. But I can’t find the link.please help

  84. Hello, am Diana,a Kenyan. Am interested in the scholarship. Kindly send me the link for application

  85. Blessings Wyson

    Can you send me the application link

  86. je suis intéressé

  87. My name’s Abchir I’am djiboutien and I Wana this scholarship please thanks

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